What it’s Like to Sell Your Business (Webinar Video)

Selling your business is exciting and scary. The dream of a big check captures many founders’ minds. Sadly, deals often fall through or are far more difficult than necessary. Matthew Nuzum, a business and technology attorney, talks about the process of selling a business and answers some of the most frequent questions.

Key focuses of the webinar are on:

  1. Actions founders can take to increase the value of their business
  2. Become a more appealing acquisition target
  3. How to smooth out the most difficult aspects

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Why you should register:

After watching this webinar for buying and selling a business:

#1 You’ll know a list of actions you can take to increase your business’s value and appeal as an acquisition target.

#2 You’ll understand the process of an acquisition.

#3 You’ll also learn about the legal services offered by Surge Business Law, your legal and business partner.

Topics discussed:

  • Valuation basics
  • Assets and liabilities that affect valuations
  • The buyout process and what to expect
  • Common problems and solutions
  • Handling partners and equity holders

Who should watch:

  • Founders and leaders of businesses that may one day be acquired
  • Entrepreneurs curious about the business acquisition process

About the speaker

Matthew Nuzum is an attorney and entrepreneur focused on growing businesses. His first experience with business buyouts was in 1999, when he managed the IT division of a tech-focused real estate startup with an aggressive acquisition plan. He has worked for several major tech companies, including Google, and John Deere, as well as several technology startups. He has helped lead or assist in the acquisitions and divestitures of many business deals, ranging from as little as $30k and up to hundreds of millions of dollars. Matthew’s law firm, Surge Business Law, has helped hundreds of business owners launch, grow, and succeed.

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