Clear and Simple Pricing

Why simple pricing?

Simple pricing takes the fear out of talking to a lawyer

Small businesses need to stretch their resources. We use clear and simple pricing so that you know what to expect. That way, you can call sooner, while your issues are small and easy to resolve.

Thanks for helping keep our legal costs down, we really appreciate it!

Ben, Small Business Owner
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Clear and simple pricing to launch your business.

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Most Popular Option

Don’t do it alone when you can get complete professional help to start your business journey.

Start an LLC, partnership, or corporation and get all of the business and legal help you need.


  • Register your business with the state
  • IRS setup and EIN number
  • Unlimited Q&A by email
  • Monthly coaching meetings and check-ins
  • Complete document bundle including
    • Operating agreement
    • Bylaws
    • Common business templates
  • Access to our video training library
$360 for 5 months
Get Started

Simple LLC for One-Owner Businesses

Includes an initial planning meeting, drafting and filing formation documents, a customized operating agreement and a 45 minute meeting after filing to discuss how to take care of your new business. We’ll cover how to pay yourself, how to protect yourself from liability, and important first steps for your business.


Advanced LLC, Partnership, or Corporation

For business owners who have advanced needs, including multiple owners, silent investors, special tax situations, or who want to spell out dividends or profit disbursements in their operating documents. Includes all of the Simple LLC features and allows for an additional hour of planning and review.


DIY Startup
Founder’s Bundle

A 12 month subscription that includes:

  • All features of the Advanced product
  • Unlimited questions answered by email
  • Common legal documents
  • And more


Example Pricing and Common Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here are some common questions to help make your experience easier. After reviewing these options, schedule an appointment to talk about what’s best for you.

People call the lawyer for two reasons: Sometimes a quick question and answer session is all that is needed. We do charge for legal advice. For new clients, a Q&A session costs only $100 for up to 30 min. After that, it is $300 per hour in 0.1 hour increments. If you pay the $100 fee and decide this is a bigger project, that $100 is credited toward your project.

If you want to talk about hiring us for a bigger project, initial consultations are free. For example, if you want to set up an LLC, discuss a litigation issue, or work on a bigger project.

We collect payment up front. For simple Q&A calls, we bill you and you pay before the meeting. For bigger projects, we discuss pricing during the meeting and send you an invoice detailing our expected costs along with our representation agreement.

When you pre-pay for services, your money is held in a trust account that is monitored by the Iowa State Supreme Court’s Office of Professional Regulation. We do not spend or touch your money until it is earned. If some of the money isn’t needed, it is refunded in the same way you paid it.

We accept e-checks, debit cards and credit cards over the Internet. We send you an invoice and you can pay via your computer or phone. You can also bring or mail a check to our office. We accept cash payments in-person for transactions under $10,000. For large transactions we commonly do bank-to-bank wire transfer.

We’ve helped numerous small business owners buy or sell a business successfully. Typical costs for businesses under $2 million in annual revenue is $2,000 to $9,000. For very simple transactions, such as a partner buyout, it can be less. For complex transactions requiring significant negotiation and due diligence, it can be more. We’ll help you understand the price when we meet. We’ll also help you understand the additional non-legal costs, such as a private valuation, brokers’ fees, and real estate costs. We’ll also help you work with your lender to minimize your out-of-pocket costs.

A business lawsuit can be expensive and time consuming. In Polk County, bench trials (which are simpler) take about a year and cost $7,000 to $30,000 in typical situations. Sometimes they can be cheaper, for example if a deal can be negotiated early, and sometimes they can be much more expensive. Jury trials take longer and cost more. We’ll help you understand your options for keeping costs down, including seeking mediation, which is often cheaper and faster. We love to help businesses make decisions that reduce the chance of lawsuits.

Real estate closings without an agent cost about $1,500, which includes title/abstract work, deeds, and other necessary documents. We also handle other types of real estate sales, including private-money mortgages and contract purchases. These often do not include title and abstract work and are much cheaper.

We can help small businesses make plans to keep their business running or to help their family wind down a business after you’re gone. We also help business owners and their families with probate cases. Estate planning typically runs $350 to $2,000. Probate pricing is regulated by Iowa law and depends on the size of the estate. Contact us and we can help you understand the costs.