Real Estate Investors & Landlords

Services Provided

As a real estate investor myself, I understand the challenges you’re facing. There’s a lot that can go wrong and, especially for investors just getting started, the risk is very high. I can help you make smart decisions to manage your risk.

Risk Management Investor Services

  • LLC formation – by compartmentalizing risk into one or more LLCs, you can help avoid losing everything with one mistake. But forming an LLC is not enough! You need a solid operating agreement—the legal document that controls how the LLC is managed, and you need to avoid issues that can pierce the corporate veil
  • Quitclaim deeds and property transfers – if you already own rental property that is not in an LLC I can help you transfer it
  • Landlord and tenant issues – laws favor renters and are changing all the time. As a landlord, you need to ensure that you’re following the law. This begins with a well-drafted lease that meets your individual needs and may help avoid evictions, cure or quit letters and a host of other risks
  • Real estate contracts – I have access to a variety of pre-made forms and can customize them or write special agreements from scratch. This could be a contract for sale (usually heavily customized), pet policy (Iowa had new precedent in 2020), sales/purchase agreement, or reviewing agreements you get from contractors or suppliers

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