Get Your LLC customized for peace of mind.

Are you prepared for risk and success? Get your LLC set up the right way from the start. We’ll walk you through the LLC registration process and draft a customized operating agreement for your business. This will be one the most valuable business documents your business has to protect itself.

Is an LLC right for you?

Business owners love LLCs because they can be one of the simplest business types yet can change as needed to handle the most sophisticated business structures. From Sophia’s side-gig up to Google, LLCs can meet almost any business’s needs.

Are you ready to negate risks before they happen?

If you have a business but don’t have protection – through an LLC – you could get sued for your house, your car, etc. and lose. An LLC help separate business risks from your personal finances.

With an LLC, if your business gets sued, your personal assets stay safe.

Top 3 LLC benefits:

01 Limited Liability

Business risks can be separated from your personal finances. Don’t let a workplace accident touch your home or 401k.

02 Simplicity

A single-owner LLC doesn’t file a business tax return, gets full liability protection, and keeps your information private.

03 Flexibility

LLCs allow a huge variety of options, such as silent investors, delegating management, and creative profit distributions.

Our Service

Iowa Business Lawyer Customizes Every LLC to Meet Our Clients’ Needs

We’ve created a lot of LLCs for Iowa businesses and each one is at least a little different. Here are a few reasons businesses choose us.

1. Talk to an LLC expert.

Every LLC starts with a consultation to listen to your goals. We then make suggestions and a plan to help achieve what you need.

2. A relationship for the life of your business.

We’re a small business, just like you, and we want to build a relationship that lasts. We’ll be here when you have future questions and to help your business grow.

3. We help businesses manage all kinds of risk.

As a licensed, Iowa law firm, we can give all kinds of legal advice. We focus on the needs of small businesses like yours.

4. Clear and simple Pricing.

We respect your time and money. Check out our price list to see our fixed fees and pricing examples.

Why use Surge Business Law to start your LLC?

  • Small business expertise
  • Customized operating agreement
  • Answers to your questions
  • Risk management
  • Clear and simple prices

Prepare for risk and success from the start