We give you competitive Brand Security.

Don’t let a competitor misuse or copy your brand to confuse your customers. You can protect the income your business generates by getting a trademark.

Benefits of Your Trademark Package


Comprehensive Searches

We’ll make comprehensive trademark searches on your behalf, not just exact searches. Many people think if an exact search is available, they can use it. Not so.


Class Advice

We’ll help you know which of the 45 trademark classes you should choose for your trademark. Each class includes many trademark types, and the process of choosing one can be tedious.



We’ll represent you when you receive the usual office action rejections. We are able to argue your case more effectively and progress faster than you could alone because we are a creditable voice.


Easy Communication

We are open late at least one day a week so you don’t have to step away from work to get a trademark. You can contact us easily through text, email, virtually, or in person.

What can be trademarked?

  • Logos
  • Business names
  • Branded Product Names or Services (e.g. Microsoft Word Processor)
  • Slogans
  • Phrases
  • YouTube Channels

Office Action (Rejection Letters)

In our experience, every trademark application inevitably receives a rejection letter, formally called an office action. To overcome these, the applicant must argue their case with the USTPO through email. They will submit proof that their trademark is unique enough from existing trademarks to pass inspection. Let us handle office actions for you.

What if there was a professional solution that made the whole process easier and successful!

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Brett RobertsBrett Roberts
22:52 20 Feb 24
Highly recommend Matt and the rest of the team. Consice, prompt and professional all the way. You won’t be disappointed contacting them.
Joshua WilkeJoshua Wilke
20:48 18 Jan 24
I am new to realestate investing and had never talked to a lawyer before. Matt was very approchable and extremely helpful with a resent eviction we had to do. He was very generous with his time and knowledge. I would highly recommmend Matt.
Andrea StewartAndrea Stewart
14:47 13 Jan 24
Aaron PieperAaron Pieper
03:13 13 Jan 24
Responsive, servant-hearted attorney!
Isaiah WrightIsaiah Wright
00:04 13 Jan 24
Michael KlenkMichael Klenk
19:05 13 Dec 23
Matt set up LLCs for our rental properties – from the initial planning meeting full of our questions to getting the final docs, it couldn’t have been easier. Good communication, fair pieces, expert help. He’s now our go-to for everything legal for our rental jbusiness. Thanks Matt!
Dean StephensonDean Stephenson
15:09 11 Oct 23
Matt listens well and communicates well. He gets on your level and breaks things down to help you understand. He truly wants to help your business succeed.
Elena GurevichElena Gurevich
15:50 18 Mar 23
Matthew is extremely knowledgeable and professional. I had the pleasure of working with him on some business questions and he took the time to explain everything in detail making sure I understood everything before we moved forward. I would highly recommend Matthew to anyone looking for a great attorney.
Crystal UnderwoodCrystal Underwood
23:53 30 Jan 23
I’m not even under contract (yet) and Matt has been absolutely AMAZING! He has taken the time to take phone calls, offer guidance, and follows up at just the right times. I can’t say enough fantastic things about Matt and his service. We are beyond thankful and feel at ease knowing Matt is caring for us and our small business.
International trademark classes

Get your trademark approved without competition.

There are millions of trademarks on file with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Yours has to be different enough to stand out from them.

Knowing if a trademark name idea has been used is a true guessing game if you don’t know where to start. In addition, most trademark applicants initially get rejected by the USTPO!

Will your trademark be approved?

You don’t have to guess. You can know.

When we help get your trademark filed, we’ll do a full trademark search to make sure that your trademark name idea is distinct enough from those that already exist . Let us help get your trademark filed.

Class 25


Includes many types of human clothing including shoes, hats, outfits and parts of outfits like sportswear.

Class 9

Science & Computer

Includes computer software, technology products, visual equipment, and tools for research, science, info technology, rescue, and safety.

Class 35

Business & Advertising

Includes business services and marketing services for management, advertising, and organization for enterprises.

Class 29


Includes many types of food products made to be consumed, like those made from meat, diary, nuts, seeds, and vegetables.


Are you ready to get started? We’ll give you simple instructions and clear direction to get the process started. Our team will take care of the details!

  1. We’ll meet and learn about what you’re trying to protect.
  2. We’ll do advanced searches including similar matches to their trademark name, slogan, phrase, logo, etc. to determine whether or not it likely will be accepted for registration by the USPTO.
  3. If it is likely to be accepted, we’ll register it for you.
  4. If it is not likely to be accepted for registration, we help you make a plan to change their trademark idea to something they can protect.
  5. There is usually a rejection notice with every trademark application. Don’t worry. As a business law firm, we have experience with this. Because of our credibility as a law firm, we have the authority to advance the process more quickly. We’ll respond to and help plead your case. This is commonly something that can be overcome.
  6. Once the USPTO is satisfied with our correspondence, you will have your trademark!
  • It’s important to do a trademark search because if you unknowingly use someone else’s trademark, you are at risk of being sued.
  • What would happen if you tried to process a trademark and office actions on your own? Honestly, it’s a lot like going to trial, but by email. You will need to prove to the USPTO that the trademark you are applying for is unique enough from other trademarked IP. You’ll send and receive emails answering questions and submitting evidence.

Why you should choose Iowa Business Lawyer over DIY and other lawyer options?

Can’t afford a full payment?

We making it easy. If you can’t afford a full payment, no problem. Get on a payment plan.

SEe Trademark Pricing
you get the best, but only spend what you need to.

Every business owner fears spending more money than they need to. We understand. Why can you trust us? Because we have experience and we focus on small businesses. We’ll only give you the best service and only ask you to pay for what you need. We won’t waste your money.

Benefits of using our service

  • You get our focus on small business risks – We know your business risks intimately and can help you prepare for them before a problem happens.
  • You get clear and simple pricing – This is powerful! You know upfront what you will be spending and have the option of payments for affordable trademark service.
  • You get honesty, just like with the pricing – We don’t always advise trademarking your business. Sometimes a trademark may not be valuable to your success, and sometimes a desired trademark does not meet the requirements for trademarking. We will be honest about your options and look out for your best interests.
  • You get our specialization in business IP and risk protection – We help you understand that various types of trademarkable assets your business has and assist you in determining which should be trademarked.
  • You get tech businesses help – We understand your unique tech and digital protection needs. As businesses become more online and tech dependent, we help you sort through what parts of your online business are valuable to your income and should be trademarked for protection. Because owner and lawyer Matthew Nuzum has an extensive digital and tech background, he and his team are especially aware of the protection businesses need for digital branding, tools, and other IP assets.

Your Business Stands Out

Trademarks that fit your brand mission work for you. They transfer the right feel, connection, and brand authority to customers and clients.


Do you have another questions? Contact us! We want to help you protect your business brand.

16 months is common. To qualify, you must be using the product with evidence that you are using that name or logo.

The USPTO site only shows exact matches, but when your application is reviewed the auditor will look at “confusingly similar matches.” For example: Extra Power and Eggstra Power are not exact matches but they phonetically sound the same and could block a trademark.

Yes, you can. If you want to save money, just do the name.

You can file an “intent to use” through us.

Businesses that are serious about protecting their brand and securing risk protection put time and money into a strong trademarks.

Discover a brand that stands out!