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How to Protect Against Defamation as a Small Business

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The desired outcome for any defamation claim against a small business is a retraction or compensation. 

But can small businesses protect against defamation effectively?

The truth is, no small business can entirely prevent defamation because it’s impossible to control people’s opinions and how they express them.

Defamation protection takes place where your small business can detect defamatory content early to avoid escalation. 

Here are steps small businesses can take to mitigate defamation risks:

1. Monitor online presence and review platforms regularly.

2. Respond promptly to defamatory content.

3. Contact the site or individual professionally.

4. Request the removal of defamatory content quickly.

5. Document evidence like screenshots for potential legal action.

6. Seek guidance from a defamation law expert for the legal steps.

Building a positive reputation through proactive and honest content is the best defense against defamation. Watch this video to know more details. 
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