How to Manage Defamatory Statements to Avoid Financial Loss

Can bad reviews and defamatory statements affect your business financially? 

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Bad reviews and derogatory statements against a business are forms of defamation. They can come from customers leaving negative reviews and using social media to spread them. They may do it to get refunds or get some attention. 

Businesses should not take these for granted. Why? All forms of defamation published online can dent your business and its reputation. They lead to financial loss due to the following:

» Damaged reputation

» Fallout from customers

» Loss of supplier trust

How many people trust a business more after reading positive online reviews? As a business owner, this question should also be a priority. That’s because managing the fallout of defamation caused by a bad review is costly. 

Try reputation management to keep your business’s online reputation in good shape. Here’s what you can do: 

  1. Respond to bad reviews politely.
  2. Quickly address complaints.
  3. Offer a resolution right away.
  4. Take the conversation offline.
  5. Ask happy customers to leave reviews.
  6. Document every review and process undertaken.
  7. Train staff to handle complaints well.

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