Tips for Naming Your LLC

Naming your business is a big decision. It’s not just about what sounds good; there are legal and practical considerations, too.

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Watch the full video for more information on what to think about when naming your LLC, but here are some valuable insights:

1. Research the Legal Requirements: Each state has laws for LLC names. Typically, it must end with “limited liability company” (LLC) or “limited company.” Compliance is essential to avoid legal issues.

2. Think of Recall: Choose a name that’s easy to Spell, Remember, and Pronounce. This helps with brand recognition and customer recall.

3. Be Unique and Avoid Confusion: Distinctiveness is when your LLC name stands out and at the same time, avoids confusion with other businesses. Check for trademark issues to prevent legal disputes.

4. Rules for Real Estate LLCs: For real estate LLCs, terms like “holdings” or “investments” are common but can attract attention or legal challenges.

Choosing the right name for your LLC is key to branding and legal compliance. Subscribe to our YouTube channel at for expert advice on naming and running your business.

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