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How Understanding Fair Use Helps Creators

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Should I copyright my artwork, even if it has been used many times previously without my permission?

We understand the struggle of original creators when their work is used without permission. Applying for copyright provides general protection and can help address this issue.

So you can control the use of your work and defend against Fair Use. 

In the case where Fair Use is used, many creators often wonder:

  • Is Fair Use absolute?
  • Why is it used to defend the usage of their work without permission?
  • What can a creator do to defend it?

Fair Use in copyright law is a rule used to defend the use of copyrighted material without permission for the following purposes:

» Criticism 

» Commentary

» News Reporting

» Teaching

» Scholarship

» Research

The limit of this legal rule is not to harm the market value of the original work in any way. So if you can prove that the unauthorized use of your original work was not transformative or has deliberately infringed on your rights as a creator, then you have a valid claim.  Watch our video to help you understand more. 

Message us if you are wondering if the Fair Use Doctrine applies to your claim.

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