1099 Contractor or W2 Employee (webinar)

Many employers struggle when classifying their workers. 1099 contractors have advantages of simplicity for the business owner. However, state and federal lawmakers make this difficult for various reasons.

In March of 2024 the U.S. Department of Labor changed the rules for determining how to classify workers. The complicated “degree of control” test has been updated to the new “economic reality” test. This is a big change – the D.O.L. guidance is 106 pages long!

It’s important to get this wrong. Employers who mis-classify their workers face surprise taxes, penalties, and in the case of a worker’s injury or death, serious lawsuits that may not be covered by insurance.

Join this webinar and learn how this law affects you. Space is limited.

Why You Should Register:

After watching this webinar, you’ll know:

  • Why it’s important to classify worker’s correctly
  • What the “degree of control” test is and how to use it
  • What the “economic reality” test is and how to use it

Who Should Watch

  • Business Owners
  • Hiring Managers
  • Tax Professionals
  • Insurance (particularly worker’s comp) Professionals

About the Speaker

Matthew Nuzum is an attorney and entrepreneur focused on growing businesses. His first experience with business buyouts was in 1999, when he managed the IT division of a tech-focused real estate startup with an aggressive acquisition plan. He has worked for several major tech companies, including Google, and John Deere, as well as several technology startups. He has helped lead or assist in the acquisitions and divestitures of many business deals, ranging from as little as $30k and up to hundreds of millions of dollars. Matthew’s law firm, Surge Business Law, has helped hundreds of business owners launch, grow, and succeed.

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